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To give you a better insight as to who we are and what we try to achieve, we would like to share a couple of our design philosophies:
You may have a marketing plan and an advertising campaign. We bring continuity to your marketing efforts, enhancing your business profile & identity.
Maintain your focus. The look, the style and the message your marketing materials convey is crucial. Keep your business identity and sales message comprehensive and uncluttered.
When we create a unique business look and consistent advertising style for you - we're actually giving your business familiarity and stability.
What's the old saying?..."Look big, Be big!" First impressions do say a lot about you and your business. What is your logo, advertising or marketing plan saying about you?
Wood & Wood offers a full range of print & advertising services, including:
Information/Product Guides and Catalogs.
Newspaper and Magazine Advertising.
Special Promotions, Posters and Invitations.
Logo Design, Business Cards and Stationery.
Brochures, Newsletters and Direct Mail Pieces.



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A Southern California Design Firm, Wood & Wood Graphic Design offers over 40 years combined professional experience in the advertising, publishing and new media fields.

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